Tuesday, November 24, 2009

:: silent auction ::

Please join us for an all day fundraising event for the Children’s Storefront’s new home.

TUESDAY NOVEMBER 24th @ the Tranzac Club. 292 Brunswick Ave.

This framed 8" x 12" piece by Larry Yuan and myself will be available for bidding at the Children’s Storefront Fundraiser Silent Auction today only.

Further details available here and here!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

:: ninja cowboy bear t-shirt ::

Looking for a unique Xmas gift? Check out this new Ninja Cowboy Bear t-shirt design! Available in assorted colours, sizes and styles:)

More fun than a barrel full of raspberries!

Ninja Cowboy Bear v.3.0 tee by NinjaCowboyBear. Available from MySoti.com.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

:: cybils nomination ::

The Legend of Ninja Cowboy Bear was nominated for a Cybils Award! A shortlist of the Finalists will be announced on January 1, 2010. After that, a separate judging panel will select a winner on February 14, 2010.

It is a distinct honour to be nominated!

A good picture book is a pleasing merger of text and artwork. A great picture book is a celebration of story and illustration, with lasting appeal for kids and/or adults. The best picture books completely excel in art, story, kid-friendliness, and adult appeal.

A Cybils-winning picture book adds that special "It Factor." In message, in world-view, in connection, in humor, in reach, a book with "It Factor" rises to a higher level. These are the picture books we bring home to show our seventh-grade daughter. These are the titles that we recommend repeatedly to everyone who will listen. These are the ones we buy even if we have no preschool children, and the ones we pull out to read again and again. And at the end of the Cybils judging, these are the books that we hope to share with you.

--Pam Coughlan, organizer

Thursday, September 24, 2009

:: ninja cowboy bear book launch ::

Please join David and I this Saturday (October 26, 2009) for our official Kids Can Press book launch at McNally Robinson!

There will be the usual book reading, signing, rock-stacking competition, raspberry-picking competition, rabbit-catching competition and of course a Ninja Cowboy Bear Tournament!

Plus free cake and balloons:)

Also check out this delightful review by Julie Danielson of Seven Impossible Things!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

:: fan expo 2009 ::

Come say hi at FanExpo 2009 this weekend (August 28-30.) My good friends Craig Adams,Charlene Chua, Ted Kim, Sanford Kong, Vince Chui and I are at Table A20. We are Renderfist and we will be selling beautiful artwork just like the ones in the above YouTube video!

On display at our table will be most of the 1000strangers sketches! I also have all three TTC prints on sale ($8 each or two for $15.)

The Darkstalkers tribute book is also being released today! Ted Kim, Charlene Chua and I were all fortunate to be included in this fun project. If you want your book signed or perhaps purchase a print, we'd happily sign them for you.

One last thing, please note that this weekend is the absolute last chance to purchase a first edition copy of The Legend of Ninja Cowboy Bear! The Kids Can Press edition is being released on September 1st at which point these copies will be discontinued.

Friday, July 31, 2009

:: all aboard! ::

Less than 12 hours left before the 1000strangers art auction closes! There are bids on eleven pieces so far!

Please note that limited archival Giclee* prints from the TTC series are for sale.

24" x 36" Hahnemule Photo Rag paper print - $200
24" x 36" x 0.75" framed canvas (ready to hang) - $300

Note - Smaller prints are also available upon request.

*Giclee prints are printed in pigmented archival inks and guaranteed to last over 120 years.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

:: 1000strangers for sale ::

Currently I am setting up an online auction for some of my original artwork. All the studies from my 1000strangers project will be available. Each sketch was completed with a black ball point pen and white gel pen on brown recycled paper.

These 1000strangers sketches mean the world to me. To help illustrate this point, when a friend asked me what would I risk my life to rescue in a burning house? I answered without hesitation, "my 1000strangers sketches."

They represent small snapshots in my life when I shared a brief moment with someone. And isn't life about a meaningful collection of memories? These moments are precious to me.

So then why am I selling these valuable pieces? Excellent question! I am now trying to help raise money for my wedding (I hear they are pretty expensive.) Knowing that they will contribute to my special day makes this auction acceptable in my heart and mind.

Hopefully they will all find good homes.

Selected originals will be on display at Pages Books Art Window (256 Queen St. W, Toronto) from June 28-July 26, 2009. More details to follow...