Sunday, April 5, 2009

:: 1000strangers for sale ::

Currently I am setting up an online auction for some of my original artwork. All the studies from my 1000strangers project will be available. Each sketch was completed with a black ball point pen and white gel pen on brown recycled paper.

These 1000strangers sketches mean the world to me. To help illustrate this point, when a friend asked me what would I risk my life to rescue in a burning house? I answered without hesitation, "my 1000strangers sketches."

They represent small snapshots in my life when I shared a brief moment with someone. And isn't life about a meaningful collection of memories? These moments are precious to me.

So then why am I selling these valuable pieces? Excellent question! I am now trying to help raise money for my wedding (I hear they are pretty expensive.) Knowing that they will contribute to my special day makes this auction acceptable in my heart and mind.

Hopefully they will all find good homes.

Selected originals will be on display at Pages Books Art Window (256 Queen St. W, Toronto) from June 28-July 26, 2009. More details to follow...